City Mobility Workshop

W jaki sposób poruszasz się po Warszawie?

Annika Lundkvist, Warsaw-based PhD student and founder of, is coordinating a series of workshops welcoming locals in Warsaw to share about how they move around the city and why.

Workshops will include: 

  • A brief presentation about the research project
  • An opportunity to do the survey on paper  
  • A few simple and hopefully engaging activities that are meant to generate some thought and dialogue about the daily mobility choices we make (or wish we could make)
  • Opportunity for participants who are interested in doing more in-depth interviews about their ‘mobility lifestyle’ later in 2023 to sign up

City Mobility Workshop series

  • December 12th: Rotary Warszawa
  • December 17th: Ukraina Room, Centrum Wielokultorowe (Multicultural Center)——-Please Register via this form here
  • January (date to be announced): Bielanski Integrator
  • January (date to be announced): Wolskie Centrum Kultury