Roundtable: Featuring Jonathon Stalls Author of ‘WALK: Slow down, Wake-up and connect at 1-3 Miles per Hour’ // December 16, 2022

Roundtable: Featuring Antonia Malchik, Author of ‘A Walking Life’: Reclaiming Our Health and Our Freedom One Step at a Time’ // December 9, 2022

Mobility Methodology Series: Walking as a Critical Tool in Physiotherapy with Kyan Rytzell // December 2, 2022

Sustainable Urbanism: Global Perspectives Series Featuring Dr. Minal Pathak

We will be discussing:
• the findings of IPCC reports
• the ‘decade to act’ & overshoot
• Minal’s experience with walkability (or lack of) in her city
• Exploring what can be done at the policy level & what can be done at the personal level
• the relationship of mobility, status and culture
• Developing encouraging messages to act for the intensive level change that is needed

Photo of mural of Anne Frank in Amsterdam taken by Raphael Mak

Placemaking & Public Art Workshop: Co-Hosts: Raphael Mak & Mohammad Nikkhah // // November 20, 2022

How does art influence public space?

In this joint Placemaking + Public Art meetup, participants had the opportunity to share an artwork in public space through one or more photos, and explore how it interacts with public space to influence the quality of the place.

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Roundtable for ‘World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims’ hosted by Yasmine Al Moghrabi & with presentations by Yasmine & Gregoire Tessougue.

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Public Toilet Equity: Visit the Series Resource page here

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Mobility Methodology Series: ‘Connecting Mobility Policies to Urban Fabric: The Exnovation of the Private Automobile in Brussels’ with Anas Moutaouakil // November 11, 2022

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Photo of females-only train car on suburban rail train in Mumbai taken by Arghyadip Hatua

Amplifying Female Voices ‘Public Transit & Safety, Co-Hosted by Rituparna Das and Nancy Deborah // November 4, 2022

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Mobility Methodologies Series: Spatial analysis of citizens’ walkability perceptions in Thessaloniki, Greece with Vienna-based Roxani Gkavra // November 3, 2022

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Photo of path in a park in Warsaw, Poland taken by Annika Lundkvist

Photo of a footpath in London taken by Alan Lacey Raposo

Roundtable: Politics of Walking & Walkability: Hosted by London & Cádiz based Alan Lacey Raposo // October 28, 2022

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Photo of automobile and tram traffic in Warsaw, Poland taken by Annika Lundkvist

Hosted by Kandy & Colombo-based Divantha Ekanayake, participants are able to:

  • 1) Introduce types of transit choices you have in your area and their effectiveness
  • 2) Do you prefer to commute by public transit for your daily commutes, and why?
  • 3) What are the biggest three issues when it comes to the effectiveness/comfort of using public transit in your area.

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Photo of street scene in Montréal taken by Zvi Leve

Roundtable ‘Rethinking Parking Space(s)‘ hosted by Streets as Public Space working group lead Montréal-based Zvi Leve

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Roundtable: Lighting for Pedestrians // Featuring Guests Frank Markowitz & Leni Schwendinger

Featured Book- Outdoor Lighting for Pedestrians: A Guide for Safe & Walkable Places

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Photo of people walking, cycling and trams on a street in Kraków, Poland taken by Annika Lundkvist

Hosted by Berlin-based Maria Valeria Felix and Warsaw-based Annika Lundkvist of the ‘Car Dependence’ working group, this roundtable participants were able to share about what mobility options exist in their communities, which options they choose (and why), and if mobility affects or integrates with their identity.

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Photo of a bus at a bus stop in Malmö, Sweden, taken by Annika Lundkvist

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In this Placemaking Workshop, participants played the ‘Place Game’ in which they identified a place, its problems, opportunities & how to improve it. Participants also identified stakeholders who are involved in this place/space & could be allies for potential change.

Participants shared:

  • What the mobility options are in their community
  • What their mobility choices are and why
  • If relevant, what mobility options they may like to see improved in your community

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Photo of a tram in Kraków, Poland taken by Annika Lundkvist

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