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Reflection by Azeb Tesfaye, lecturer and Ph.D. at the University of Kassel, on the development of the Global Walkability Correspondents Network.

“My research interest focuses on the urban sociological fabric of a walk & elements building up civic life at the eye level amid the global binary. I believe a study of walkability (as a domain for urban mobility) is essential in shaping the cities & people should be able to hear & have more say in the pedestrian planning process. I have been following your posts on LinkedIn for a while & I am interested in how you approach the topic of walkability & life of the walkers.”

-Wattana Songpetchmongkol
Urban Researcher // Bangkok, Thailand

I’m excited to be in this network. I didn’t expect to join such a compact silo of like-minded people! I’m saying this in a positive way – everyone here is so open-minded & aware of city challenges, the experience & expertise is so extensive. I’m very excited to be part of your team. -Marta Kotlarska, Kraków

Richard Kenny, BBC World Service (November 2021)

“Through your contributions, discussions and suggestions in your work, you bring this into society and more and more people are dealing with it. Thus, you have an effect. You stimulate thought.” -Jörg Schneegas, Engineer (Berlin, Germany)

“Pedestrian Space is a very inspiring media platform for designers & researchers, who focus on walkability & sustainable public spaces.” –Borhan Sepehri, Urban Designer & Researcher, Tehran

From the account labbað_í_reykjavík (February 2022)

Reykjavík-based Tamara Kocan on being inspired by @pedestrianspace

“I am thinking of creating an Instagram account about walking in Reykjavík to motivate more people to do it. I am originally an urban planner but do not work in the field here yet. I just wanted to say that I admire your work and it inspired me to do something similar here in Reykjavík.” -Tamara Kocan, Urban Planner (Reykjavík, Iceland)

“I am currently getting ready to transfer to an Urban Planning BA program. Recently, I discovered the walkability movement on social media & wanted share my thoughts. The walkability movement feels like an underground movement & I am just getting started, learning about how we can use social media to connect with more people & reach a wider audience. I think transparency in this field is another spot for growth as well.

The future of this field is built upon platforms like @pedestrianspace, which provides a place to share different perspectives & bring the most critical ideas to the foreground.”

-John Azevedo III, San Jose, CA (USA)

Royal Holloway, University of London research feed on ‘Pedestrian Space’ interview with David Simon on his book ‘Rethinking Sustainable Cities: Accessible, green and fair’

Luxembourg’s Ministère de la Mobilité et des Travaux publics on ‘Pedestrian Space’ interview with Minister François Bausch

Wallkability as a human right is the central message at Pedestrian Space & it was great to see it translated into Arabic by Amman-based architect Nadia Momani

Imagine if all cities were planned as if walkability was a human right?

“Originally I studied and practiced as an Architect in Pakistan, but 2-3 years ago I moved to Australia, studied Urban Planning and Design here and started working as an Urban Planner. I do a bit of photography on the side as well, so your website content completely engrossed me as I felt it was speaking an amalgamation of all the languages I love.”

-Saba Adil Malik, Urban Planner (Adelaide, Australia)

Berlin-based architect & urban planner Tom Meiser on his ‘Friday Art Feature‘ at Pedestrian Space

“I’m a huge fan Annika. I already see Pedestrian Space as a magazine and am so excited about all of your ideas! Pedestrian Space is all-encompassing. You’re addressing people’s needs and environmental concerns, quality of life and urban planning, residential functionality, transportation and more. Walkability is singularly the most important element, it spawns progress.”

-Kat Ketterer, California, USA

Wien zu Fuß on ‘Pedestrian Space’ interview with their Social Media & PR lead, Petra Permesser

Isle of Man-based illustrator & urban design consultant Betty Laurincova on her Friday Artist Feature at ‘Pedestrian Space’

Wien zu Fuß on ‘Pedestrian Space’ interview with their ‘Officer of Pedestrian Matters. Petra Jens

Artist Cristina Franco Roda on her ‘Friday Art Feature’ at ‘Pedestrian Space’

“Thanks a lot Annika for giving me this opportunity and thank you for providing this fruitful platform. I am honored to be one of the contributors to your website. You are taking urban issues to a new level of professionalism through this platform. ” 

-Sara M Ibrahim, Assistant Lecturer & PhD candidate (Alexandria, Egypt)

@pedestrianspace is a must-follow account for planners/urbanists. They accept content and contributions from professionals around the world which is what makes the content so great!”

-Kristy Kilbourne, Land Use Planner & Career Coach (Ontario, Canada)

Terje Elvsaas on interview with ‘Pedestrian Space’ about the Car-free livability program in Oslo

“It’s clear that we have to rethink how we move especially in the urban regions. Covid-19 lockdown has given us the ability to experience cities without congestion, less pollution, less noise and the opportunity to enjoy the calmness of the city. This pandemic has also shown us how fast we can adapt to new things. However, creating sustainable urban mobility ecosystem including walking spaces, bike lanes, robust public transport infra and new mobility solutions can be extremely challenging. Collaborative efforts across geographies and broad stakeholders can help in smooth and effective transition. The future is ECLECTIC! I appreciate Annika for her research through for bringing more valuable and informative views. Im looking forward to having more engaging conversations to contribute towards common goals.”

-Sai Prakash Polakonda, founder at Iris Automotive Research (Kaiserslautern, Germany & India)

David Simon on ‘Pedestrian Space’ interview on his book ‘Rethinking Sustainable Cities: Accessible, green and fair’

“It’s an essential conversation that was waiting to happen and Annika has taken the obvious and cut out the awkward silence! I am honoured to be a researcher in these times when this idealistic view of space is emerging. As a child, I loved the song ‘ We need to get back to the basics of life’ and this is one of the basics of life. Let’s use our legs, shall we?”

-Nancy Deborah, Research Scholar (Madurai, India)

Isle of Man-based urban designer Betty Laurincova

Prague-based Mileus team on their interview with ‘Pedestrian Space’