“Originally I studied and practiced as an Architect in Pakistan, but 2-3 years ago I moved to Australia, studied Urban Planning and Design here and started working as an Urban Planner. I do a bit of photography on the side as well, so your website content completely engrossed me as I felt it was speaking an amalgamation of all the languages I love.”

-Saba Adil Malik, Urban Planner (Adelaide, Australia)

“It’s an essential conversation that was waiting to happen and Annika has taken the obvious and cut out the awkward silence! I am honoured to be a researcher in these times when this idealistic view of space is emerging. As a child, I loved the song ‘ We need to get back to the basics of life‘ and this is one of the basics of life. Let’s use our legs, shall we?”

-Nancy Deborah, Research Scholar (Madurai, India)

@pedestrianspace is a must follow account for planners/urbanists. They accept content and contributions from professionals around the world which is what makes the content so great!”

-Kristy Kilbourne, Land Use Planner & Career Coach (Canada)

“Thanks a lot Annika for giving me this opportunity and thank you for providing this fruitful platform. I am honored to be one of the contributors to your website. You are taking urban issues to a new level of professionalism through this platform. ” 

-Sara M Ibrahim, Assistant Lecturer & PhD candidate (Alexandria, Egypt)