Here at Pedestrian Space, we have been documenting and cultivating dialogue on the topic of the 15-minute city, a dynamic contemporary planning paradigm with historic roots, since Spring 2020.

Our 15-minute city focus began in the Nordics, as this post explains

We believe in the great potential for this planning paradigm to serve community leaders, planners, municipal administrations and more in their visions and goals to enhance spatial equity, proximity to diverse services and quality of life.

Video we participated in on thee 15-minute City concept in Warsaw

We even believe in the potential for the controversy that cropped up around the topic to serve as a pivotal opportunity for dialogue and awareness shaping on constructive civic engagement and mitigating miscommunication and misunderstanding around the theme.

Visit diverse coverage on the 15-minute city concept here at Pedestrian Space

At Pedestrian Space, diverse coverage on the 15-minute city includes:

•Sharing about 15-minute city workshops & talks we have done
•Sharing about Residential Narratives on the concept as captured through surveys as well as workshops
•Media Advocacy on the concept
•Research commentary on the concept
•Mitigating misunderstanding & aspects of controversy related to the topic
•Centering issues of Quality of Life as well as Spatial Equity when discussing the concept as a principle of healthy urbanism


We have organized multiple 15-minute city workshops. Below you can have a peek at the thematic topics and some images live from the workshops.

Presenting at the EYL40 European Young Leaders seminar ‘Extremities’ in March 2024 on the topic of walkability & the 15-minute city.

The 15-minute city concept is a central part of my research & it is also a valuable lived experience & value for how I want to inhabit space & my local community. Read more on this at the above link. -Annika