Urban Mobility Workshop: Wawerskie Centrum Kultury

My 5th Urban Mobility Workshop was held on February 7th at Wawerskie Centrum Wawer Centrum Kultury Filia (Branch) Aleksandrów.

Heading to the workshop in Wawer

This session was a very special workshop experience in a peaceful, verdant area of Warsaw’s largest (area-wise) but also least populated district (Wawer).

It was also my 1st workshop that was exclusively for senior citizens. The group was mainly 70+ & we had several more people just prior to this also filling out the mobility surveys. The group was lively with much to share!

And thanks to Urszula, a retired sociologist who leads senior physical fitness sessions twice weekly at this center, for helping me coordinate the workshop and for the crucial translation during the event as well.

The group enjoyed the I Spy Mobility exercise! I just hung back, turned the slides and observed as they did the activity together in Polish.

My I Spy Mobility game is a simple activity to flex mental muscles in exploring and acknowledging all the types of mobility people engage in moving around their communities.

After the workshop, I also experienced my first ride on the local train system! The train is a mode that is covered by regular transit passes or tickets but which I just had not tried to date! (rode the S1 today) 🚇

It was great to experience such efficient and quality public transportation service from the deep suburbs to the city center.

*The train looks empty but there were some commuters and it was also a midday train from very peripheral suburbs to city center. During morning rush hour no doubt a very different scene.