Facing car-centricism

I established pedestrianspace.org to explore not just best cases of walkability but also barriers.

The barriers are numerous, but one I value focusing on is car dependency and the car-centric focus of many urban communities worldwide.

Photo: Annika Lundkvist (Kraków, November 2021)

Shifts to car-free spaces and reductions or eliminations of parking to clear space for other mobility often require a mix of elements including municipal decision and political will. Oftentimes advocacy as well.

The purpose of ‘Pedestrian Space’ is to help raise visibility – not just about wonderful car-free spaces and pedestrian initiatives but also barriers to achieving these.

These barriers include the psychology of our individual mobility choices as well as a broader, societal car-centric focus that manifests in culture, economies, planning practices and the habituated ways we begin to view space.

We will continue to keep these issues at the heart of our coverage.

– Annika Lundkvist , Founder & Editor of ‘Pedestrian Space’