Advocacy Matters

Walkability is a multidimensional concept that connects to issues of space, environment,  health, safety, economy, social connectivity and more. 

We have experienced numerous cities and places that are model environments for walkability as well as many places that are not.

In advocating for modal shifts, we realize that it is unrealistic to expect people to simply switch modes when their community is barely walkable and public transit options are paltry or nonexistent.  

We value sharing images and media here that depicts walkable environments at their best. 

We also want to lay more focus on some of the obstacles to walkability- one of our main areas of interest being examining car dependence and barriers to car-free or low traffic environments.
We established this site and @pedestrianspace as a digital space to share our thoughts, media and continuous learning about issues of walkability as well as to connect with other advocates- individual people, grassroots orgs, researchers & academics, advocacy groups, municipal leaders and more.  

We like to focus on individual mobility choice but also systems change in advocating for walkable cities and communities. 

Advocacy is critical because no matter how many amazing walkable environments we post about or experience, the reality is that many communities globally are still dominated by an auto-centric model & the shift will truly require changes to infrastructure, accessibility as well as an intangible reset of values.  

For those who have great examples of walkability from their cities of residence or travels- we welcome you to reach out and share.  We welcome submissions here at and love to hear people’s stories and experiences. 

For those who are in communities sorely lacking walkability, we also would love to hear from you. These are the areas for most potent change.