Pedestrian Mobility for all People

‘Walkability’ at Pedestrian Space is not just about people moving by foot, rolling with a wheelchair, using a walker, pushing a stroller, or people with reduced mobility (temporary or permanent). It is not just about people with disabilities or conditions that might not be so visible (who are often not as frequently mentioned in discussions about “mobility for all”). It is not just about young children, teens, young adults, middle-aged folks or elderly.

It is about pedestrian mobility for all people.

We recognize the need for very specific mobility advocacy for certain demographics and value learning from these advocates.

At Pedestrian Space, our aim is to always advocate for walkability as a concept that encompasses all people choosing to move through their communities as pedestrians.

This also requires staying open to constant learning as truly inclusive city spaces and mobility result from a collective of efforts and expertise.

If you work with issues of inclusive urban design and mobility we would love to connect and learn more. Feel free to get in touch 📨!

Photo: Annika Lundkvist, Örebro