Framing Walkability as a Right, not a Privilege

 Every now and then it comes up in dialogues we see or discussions we are in- the idea of walkability as a ‘privilege’. 

 From the beginning at Pedestrian Space, we have asserted walkability as a right in urban environments.

We truly believe that. 

 We also understand that in many communities across the world, walkable environments might be interpreted as ‘for the privileged’ as it is prioritized in some communities but not others. 

 But we have also seen many real-life examples of walkability being prioritized as a common sense feature of urban planning and developed with the sense of spatial equity that is crucial for truly inclusive walkable urbanism across neighborhoods. 

 Our ability to move through our towns and cities is not a privilege to earn. It is a right to advocate for, demand and for those of us working in diverse ways with cities- to help make happen. Physically, spatially, psychologically and culturally. 

Greetings from the Path, Annika