October 1, 2023 at Noon: Mordor Walking Lab, coordinated by Lepszy Służewiec  & Pedestrian Space

November 5, 2023 at 11 am: Służewiec Walking Lab, coordinated by Pedestrian Space & Dom Kultury KADR

December 3, 2023 at 11 am : Służewiec Walking Lab, coordinated by Pedestrian Space & Dom Kultury KADR

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October 1, 2023 Walking Lab

This walk will also be the final walk in a series of walking lab experiences I’ve co-created with Jakub Kompa of Lepszy Służewiec who has expertly led the walks over the last several months.

I will curate two more walks in Służewiec in November & December in collaboration with Dom Kultury KADR, for which we will focus not only on ‘Mordor’ but also the Prototype Housing Estate (Osiedle Prototypów).

The October 1st walk will begin at Marynarska Business Park where architect Maciej Jakub Zawadzki will give us a tour of his studio’s project transforming a 6000 square meter parking lot into an area of green hills, native trees & vegetation (parking moved into the underground)- the whole area being renamed Diuna.

“Diuna’s patio was designed in accordance with the biophilic design concept, which assumes that humans have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature & belonging to the natural world.”Maciej Jakub Zawadzki, MJZstudio

Diuna changes the business face of Służewiec and sets a new direction in which office buildings must follow to be an attractive space for investors, tenants and the local community. (…) The most important works have been completed, including: with the creation of a new, publicly accessible park, which will be the showcase of the entire complex.” -says Witold Zatoński, founder of Syrena Real Estate. (source: https://www.bryla.pl/diuna-metamorfoza-kompleksu-biurowego-marynarska-business-park-w-warszawie)

After touring Diuna, we will walk through ‘Mordor’, led by Jakub Kompa, whose in-depth knowledge of the area via his work with Lepszy Służewiec lends to an incredible informative mobile experience, learning about this formerly (and infamously) monofunctional business district which has been (and is being) transformed into a more livable urban quarter – a 15-minute city neighborhood in fact.

Pedestrian Space is the umbrella organizer for the #MordorWalkingLab, which is also featured in my dissertation research as Służewiec is my case study area, where I also have a 15-minute city survey deployed & have been busy interviewing a range of local stakeholders.

The walk will conclude with a ‘Sunday Social’ experience at Six Seasons Distillery in Mordor, where walking lab participants can relax, share about how they experienced the walking lab experience as well as engage in a few activities I have designed about the area.

This will be a real dynamic walk as we also have an International Walkability Retreat that weekend with members of GWCN: Global Walkability Correspondents Network, who will also participate in the experience!

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‘Mordor’ Walking Lab // June 18, 2023


Survey for those who have participated in the walk here


15-minute city survey with focus on Służewiec here

Image from the May 31, 2023 walk

As part of my Ph.D. Dissertation work, I am doing a case study on an area of Służewiec, also locally referred to as ‘Mordor’. My approach and field work includes a series of ‘Walking Labs’, organized walks that include a mix of experts, stakeholders, residents and researchers.

Here you will find information for joining upcoming walks, surveys for those who have completed the walk & a survey for locals living & working in the area. Please feel free to email me if you are interested in this work or have any questions.

-Annika (info@pedestrianspace.org)

 Mordor Walking Labs held between May 2023 & October 2023 are a collaboration between Lepszy Służewiec  & Pedestrian Space

View video about Mordor Sunday Socials here

‘Mordor’ Walking Lab // June 18, 2023

Pedestrian Space in collaboration Six Seasons Distillery and @Lepszy Służewiec will be kicking off a series of Summer Sunday Socials- beginning Sunday July 2nd!

Sunday Socials at Six Seasons Distillery will include opportunities for family dinner, happy hour, mingling with fellow locals and also taking part in some engaging activities related to local life in #Służewiec.

June 18, 2023 Walking Lab

Read more about the Mordor Walking Lab II on LinkedIn here


We hosted our 1st ‘Służewiec a.k.a. Mordor Walking Lab’ on May 31, 2023. This was a pilot walk in what will be a series of walks in the area. We collectively moved through different parts of the neighborhood, observing aspects of development, potentials, livability, as well as best practices and barriers in local walkability.

You can see some glimpses of the walk in this short video here:

The pilot walk was fantastic to test the route as well as see the responses of Walking Lab participants. On this walk we had a local stakeholder, a local professor and expert on sustainable development, a resident of the city passionate about urban issues and a visiting transport planner from California. The mix of professions in the group added to the observations and exchanges as we moved through the neighborhood.

The walk includes observations of barriers & best practices in local walkability, such as this best practice of a well shaded & sheltered bus stop
Image from the May 31, 2023 walk as our group moved through a linear park

If you are interested in participating in these walks or live and work in the area and would like to participate in an interview, please contact info@pedestrianspace.org