Talk on Social Exclusion at CUPT conference on Transport Exclusion & EU funds

My speech begins at about 34.06

Last month I delivered what was billed as a ‘power speech’ at the conference in  Wrocław on EU Funds & Transport Exclusion in Poland, organized by the Centrum Unijnych Projektów Transportowych.

In planning the speech, I thought about what carries power but also meaning in the human experience?


I wove in personal stories as well as anecdotes of others (that I had permission to share) while also talking about my research that focuses on mobility and quality of life.

I asked everyone in the room what brought them to mobility. To dig deep to the earliest moments of their interest in pursuing a career with issues of public transportation and mobility.

I’m fairly a newcomer to the realm, but then shared that for me, what brought me to mobility was viewing it as a central ‘quality of life’ issue.

I also took the opportunity to weave in some personal mobility philosophy values and also get back to the basics of how elementary and valuable efficient, safe, quality public transit is for a walkable community.

And thank you Centrum Unijnych Projektów Transportowych for being the reason I visited Wrocław for the first time.