Pedestrian Space is a media and advocacy project esblished to document and explore walkability as a central aspect of sustainable urbanism.

Pedestrian Space is a media and advocacy platform established in 2021 to document and explore aspects of walkability as a key dimension for sustainable urban development. The platform provides looks at both best practices as well as barriers to pedestrianization and covers issues of quality of life, health, spatial and social equity and environmental benefit of walkable communities.

The platform is also dedicated to inspiring and engaging in dialogue about the reduction of car dependence as a critical and global issue. The idea of a “culture of walkability” as manifest in several dimensions- including media depictions of walking as a form of mobility, public space that supports quality pedestrian infrastructure and connectivity and the habits, psychological and environmental factors that form our mobility choices- is also a central focus. 

Walkability is not simply a nice ‘feature’. It is essential to sustainable urban development; a key factor for social & spatial equity in towns & cities; critical for the physical, emotional & mental health of residents & one of the most important aspects when considering the mobility needs & patterns of all age groups. Walkability is a civic right.

Pedestrian Space operates from a transdisciplinary approach to “walkability” and through the lens of multiple issues related to pedestrianization and urbanism including:

  • Urban planning: Development of sustainable cities
  • Mobility equity: Access for all users
  • Children & the City: Safe movement, access to play spaces & more
  • Transportation planning: Development of physical infrastructure and network for pedestrian movement
  • Local Economy: Effect of pedestrianization plans on local economy
  • Health: Benefits of walking for physical and mental health, on an individual as well as community level
  • Preservation: Protection of historic neighborhoods and built environment via pedestrianization
  • Environmental Psychology: Cultural, social and spatial influences on walkability mindsets
  • Environmental Protection: Sustainability goals as a central feature in many car-free initiatives

At the heart of media and advocacy at Pedestrian Space is the interest in and commitment to the development of healthy, liveable and sustainable communities.