In early 2022 we launched the ‘Global Walkability Correspondents Network‘ here at Pedestrian Space as a way to truly enhance the global perspective at the platform.

The purpose of the network is to cultivate solidarity for walkability advocates around the world, collectively raise issues and provide coverage on the state of walkability in our communities as well as enhance the global perspective at Pedestrian Space so that it can truly serve as a resource for people around the world.

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The core purpose of the Global Walkability Correspondents network is to:

Connect to provide a space and forum for people working with many issues related to walkability to connect

Cultivate Solidarity to provide a space for global solidarity for those working on these issues as well as cross-pollination of ideas and support

Create Media on Walkability the continued creation of forms of media on walkability and its central role in sustainable urban development

Educate & Advocate for Sustainable Mobility– develop and share educational resources on sustainable mobility issues worldwide and continued advocacy for walkability as a fundamental human right in communities

Our correspondents share dispatches from across the planet, offering insight into best practices and barriers to walkability observed in their work, communities and travels.

View map of Correspondents here

Read Content by Correspondents here

Meet the Correspondents!

Medhanit is an urban enthusiast and soon to be architecture graduate who engages herself in diverse urban topics, focusing her work on the public spaces in our cities. She has worked on both data-driven analysis and writing content to bring forth better understandings of the cities we live in.

Read Addis Ababa Correspondent Medhanit’s content here

Desirée has a background in Media & Communication and finds peace in nature. She has always daydreamed about a better world for both nature and humanity. Urbanism gave her hope and a sense of purpose towards working for better cities for people, community and the environment.

Read Querétaro, Mexico Correspondent Desirée’s content here

Visit her on TikTok at @ciudadesconlaspatas

Beverly is an urban explorer and a self-defense instructor who has dodged peril and outwitted threats on the streets of major American cities, Europe, the former Eastern Bloc and Southern Africa. She has developed and taught personal safety courses on Skid Row and for the Los Angeles Police Department’s Community Police Academy, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, corporations, women’s shelters, colleges/universities, public school districts and the general public for over 20 years.

Read Los Angeles Correspondent Beverly’s content here

Gautam is a systems-thinker, designer and urban mobility enthusiast from the coastal metropolis of Chennai near the southern tip of India. He strongly believes that, in order for cities to become truly resilient and positive places to live in, we need to move away from our cultural dependence on the automobile and work on strengthening more accessible modes of transportation like walking, bicycling, public transit and various forms of shared mobility. He believes in wielding empathy & storytelling as powerful tools for urban transformation and is always curious to learn more about behavioral science & marketing.

Read Chennai Correspondent Gautam’s content here

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Keely has been in the community development space since 2016. Alongside a team of planners, landscape architects, economic development professionals, and environmental scientists, Keely works to empower people to turn their visions into realities and make an impact through sustainable, locally-supported projects that provide opportunities for safer, more accessible, and connected communities. Her nationwide experience as a geologist and funding specialist gives her an understanding of both the big picture and the details that typify complex local development and redevelopment efforts.

Read Midwest, USA Correspondent Keely’s content here

Heather is an Urban Planner, Environmental Engineer, and a Community Developer. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree and a Master Urban Planning degree. Heather is a compassionate listener and visionary that quickly sees processes and systems and finds inspiration and challenges from different viewpoints and experiences.

Read Sheboygan, Wisconsin Correspondent Heather’s content here

Álvaro is an engineer, Master of Public Administration, avid walker, and biker. He spends a great part of his free time wandering around Santiago de Chile’s streets. He’s passionate about the intersection between policy, urbanism, sustainability, and innovation.

Read Chile Correspondent Alvaro’s content here

Kharagpur-based Rituparna is currently a Senior Research Scholar at Ranbir & Chitra Gupta School of Infrastructure Design and Management at the Indian Institute of Technology. Her area of research primarily involves creating friendly environments for children around their residential environments. As a Walkability Correspondent, she represents Pan-India, primarily the Eastern Region of the Indian sub-continent.

Read India Correspondent Rituparna’s content here

Nancy is a researcher focusing on bringing about the simplest changes that our evolved minds have moved away from. She emphasizes the need for inclusive and accessible living for humankind to cherish this Earth. Being a mother, she is passionate about giving her son and his generation the best that her generation could possibly manage.

Read Madurai Correspondent Nancy’s content here

Bridget is a transport engineer and researcher in Aotearoa, New Zealand. She works on research, policy and urban planning, with a focus on equity, inclusion and promoting walking and cycling.

Read Aotearoa Correspondent Bridget’s content here

Seleem is an architecture student and urban enthusiast from Cairo, Egypt studying in Valencia, Spain. He believes in walkable cities and their undeniable role in economic resilience, environmental impact, health, safety, and inclusivity. He seeks a role in the rightful mobility revolution, as a spokesman for his beautiful hometown of Cairo.

Read Cairo Correspondent Seleems’s content here

Andiel lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and is an advocate of the walkable city. He dreams of a city where children and the elderly can walk safely. He believes Dominican cities can become more walkable, through education and law enforcement.

Read Dominican Republic Correspondent Andiel’s content here

Visit him on Tik Tok at @andielgalvan

Isabel is an airport engineer and an advocate for walking and public transit as an accessible, healthy means of getting around without relying on personal automobile ownership. She promotes safe and comfortable environments for people to move.

Read Metropolitan Vancouver Correspondent Isabel’s content here

Mauricio is a political scientist and walkability advocate championing the rights of pedestrians to move safely in the city.

Bogotá, Colombia Correspondent

Barcelona-based Honorata is a city critic, urban designer, architect and researcher. She empowers new and diverse voices and challenges the way we understand, design, and develop our cities. After a decade of experience in designing and regenerating cities in Europe and Asia, she is now sharing her knowledge through Urbanitarian- an interdisciplinary research platform for everyone involved in making habitats.

Read Barcelona-based Global Correspondent Honorata’s content here

Arghyadip was born in Kolkata, the ‘City of Trams’ in India. He is a Public Transport and Urban Policy enthusiast and Advocate. He aims to start a revolution for tramways and walkability in Kolkata as well as broadly in India.

Read India Correspondent Arghyadip’s content here

Samna is an architect from Pakistan and holds a Masters in Urban Management & Development from Erasmus University, Rotterdam as a Nuffic scholar. After practicing architecture for a couple of years, she became more interested in the urban realm. She now works as an urban strategy specialist for various research projects.

Read Pakistan Correspondent Samna’s content here

Reykjavík, Iceland-based Tamara is a sustainability consultant based, specialized in urban planning and tourism. Her experience spans from creating inclusive environments to organizing urban sound walks for professionals and the public. She has never learned to drive and has used walking and public transport for the last 20 years wherever she lived. Tamara wants to motivate people in Iceland to get out of their cars and start walking and use public transport. Tamara feels that walkability is key to reconnecting people with the environment and creating a more sustainable and healthier life for all.

Read Reykjavík Correspondent Tamara’s content here

A Krakovian but also a cosmopolitan, passionate about the natural environment and urban life, Marta strongly believes that cities are organic, living organisms that belong to its citizens and should be shaped according to their needs.

View Global Correspondent Marta’s content here

Brianna is an incoming Master’s student studying City & Regional Planning at Cal Poly SLO in California. Creative, quirky and motivated, Brianna is hoping to shape the cities she loves through practicing sustainability, walkability, advocacy and engaging the communities she grew up in.

Read Central Coast and Bay Area, California Correspondent Brianna’s content here

Zvi is a transportation modelling expert whose interests focus on the linkages between transportation, land use, and sustainable development. In addition to his technical work, Zvi has been a long-time advocate for human-scaled cities and citizen participation in shaping their local environment. Streets as public space is Zvi’s passion and he has led many Jane’s Walks on topics related to walkability.

Michał is an Urban Planner, Economist, urban dreamer and city lover. He is the Mayor’s plenipotentiary in Tychy, Poland and a PhD candidate specializing in spatial planning, urban revitalization and public participation.

Read Tychy, Poland Correspondent Michał’s content here

Blair is a world-famous urban theorist who… wait, this has to be honest!? Bah! Blair is a professional urbanist and writer who is dedicated to exploring how American cities work through critical analyses of urban spaces, places, and systems. Primarily focused on urban function, the impact of transportation, and the importance of the public realm, her work can be found at her website, The Fox and the City.

Read American Urbanism Correspondent Blair’s content here

Raphael is a cross-disciplinary artist and entrepreneur working across music, multimedia, urbanism and sports. Now based in Stockholm, Sweden, his interest in walking began when he grew up in the high-density urban environment of Hong Kong. This interest influenced his later work in urban orienteering and the company he founded, Metrunner, which leads travelers to discover public spaces in worldwide cities through walking and orienteering.

Read Stockholm & Hong Kong Correspondent Raphael’s content here

Tāmaki Makaurau /Auckland-based Boopsie is the founder and director of urban strategy at Places for Good. Her approach to community activation and tactical urbanism places a significant priority on action-oriented partnerships with schools, urban precincts, and citizen experts. She believes in the power of strategic, localized engagement–it is in the small neighborhood actions and interactions that profound transformation materializes.

Read Tāmaki Makaurau /Auckland-based Global Correspondent Boopsie’s content here

Alencar is an Architect and Urban Planner specializing in planning cities and collective spaces. He works with the methodology of the “La Città dei Bambini” project to listen to and include children in urban design decisions. He is the father of Helena, Nina and Theo and he learns from them every day.

Read North Coast of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Correspondent Alencar’s content here

Zeinab is an Urban Designer (Ph.D) and Architect based in Tehran, Iran, promoting walkability and human-friendly urbanism.

Marcela is an urban planner living in Washington DC where she works as a Transit Technologist with the Community Transportation Association of America. She firmly believes that public transportation is a critical social service, and should be accessible, frequent, and reliable for all. She loves exploring new cities, and getting lost on urban reconnaissance trips.

Read Washington, DC, USA Correspondent Marcela’s content here

Mohammad is a young advocate and interdisciplinary researcher. He is currently doing his Master’s thesis on Vision Zero and the link to urban planning.

Read Isfahan, Iran Correspondent Mohammad’s content here

Doru worked for many years as a radio journalist and a photographer in Bucharest, Romania, before recently moving to Stockholm, Sweden. The traffic situation was one of the reasons for the move, and it also pushed him into studying urban mobility. As a pedestrian and also a passionate cyclist, he is determined to use his communication and photo abilities to try and shift mindsets in a healthier direction while potentially carving a new career for himself.

Read Stockholm Correspondent Doru’s content here

Andrea is an Architect and Urban Planner, currently doing her Master’s in Environment and Sustainability, and focusing her studies on sustainable cities. She is an enthusiast of collaborative thinking and believes that many urban problems, including mobility issues, could be avoided if public agencies paid attention to the urban design of small cities. “Cities aren’t born big“, she once heard…and never forgot!

Read Ivoti, Brazil Correspondent Andrea’s content here

A graduate of Architecture and Urban Planning, Uly is also a designer and urban sketcher. She currently works as an Architect and is also pursuing her Master’s in Urban Planning, focused on better understanding how life works in cities.

Read Brasília, Brazil Correspondent Uly’s content here

Nicole works at the St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership to help the downtown grow while maintaining the same vibe that made them fall in love with this place to begin with. Their main focus is on the Car-Free St. Pete initiative, a movement to encourage locals to use all the amazing alternative transportation options available in Downtown St. Pete. In 2022, they joined the APA Sun Coast Board as the Communications Officer.

Read Tampa Bay Correspondent Nicole’s content here.

Anar is a car-enthusiast turned walkability advocate. He seeks a holistic understanding of the built environment. He believes that human-centric urban design will go a long way in combatting climate change, encouraging sustainable practices, and improving health outcomes – both mental and physical.

Read San Diego and Bay Area Correspondent Anar’s content here

 Following the spatial inequalities we witnessed during the pandemic, Salma decided to use her knowledge and more than 20 years of experience in landscape and Territory planning to empower communities to be actively involved in the planning of their surroundings by sharing online sustainable landscape concepts made easy for inclusive outdoors and sustainable living.

Maria is an urban mobility expert in Greece working with a number of passionate colleagues in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, accessibility plans, walking and cycling promotion and relevant subjects. She strongly believes in networks of people for bringing change in the urban space!

Read Greece Correspondent Maria’s content here

Based in Kingston, Canada, Shauna is an avid walker and hesitant cyclist with a background in environmental studies and anthropology. Her experience of motherhood in the city changed her career plans to urban policy and design with a focus on safety and the everyday experiences as a pedestrian. She is working towards an MSc in Sustainable Urban Development where she is focusing on child-friendly cities and access to nature.

Read Global Correspondent Shauna’s content here

Jonathon 🏳️‍🌈 is a Walking Artist who spent 242 days walking across the United States in 2010 and has continued to move alongside thousands of people for thousands of miles. His artwork currently moves in the realms of pen and ink drawing, writing and poetry, storytelling with the Pedestrian Dignity campaign, economic and racial justice organizing, meditative practice, and creating/scouting long-distance walking routes. He founded Founded Walk2Connect in 2012, and is the author of the book, WALK – Slow Down, Wake Up & Connect at 1-3 Miles per Hour.

Advocacy Ally

Read USA Correspondent Jonathon’s content here

Visit Jonathon on TikTok @pedestriandignity

Matvii is a Kharkiv-based student who aspires to study City Planning. He views walkability as having a central role in urbanism, because if you can’t walk normally in the city, then what is the purpose? He hopes that the world will turn to a greater understanding of the perspectives of the walkability movement and wants to participate in the positive changes that will happen in this world.

Grégoire is a Volunteer Firefighter, President of the Association Les Amis de la Route of Mali and President of Vélo Sans Age.

Advocacy, Research & Organizational Ally

Read Mali Correspondent Grégoire’s content here

Sulochi is a Landscape Architect who reflects that she was lucky enough to have had a childhood that nurtured her connection to the land. She is passionate about supporting connection to nature while taking action to protect nature by working with people who are trying to create positive change to make the world a better place for all.

ZUG is a Luxembourg-based collective aiming to give people the tools and the power to create a more inclusive urban reality. Pictured are ZUG founders Thorben, Francesca and Federico.

Read Luxembourg City Correspondent ZUG’s content here

Are you interested in learning more or want to participate? Please feel free to get in touch via one of the platforms below or via email.

-Annika Lundkvist, currently based in Poland