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Founded in January 2022, the purpose of the Global Walkability Correspondents Network (GWCN) is to provide space and opportunities for advocates of walkability and sustainable mobility to connect, cultivate solidarity and share ideas and support. The network also contributes to the media ecosystem on issues of walkability and its central role in sustainable urban development. GWCN is also committed to ongoing education and advocacy for sustainable mobility issues worldwide and raising awareness on walkability as a fundamental human right in communities.

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Map of members of GWCN, as of December 2023

As of January, the Network has over 270 Correspondents in over 65 countries and 180 cities around the world in Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Central America, South America, North America, Africa and Europe. Our correspondents share dispatches from across the planet, offering insight into best practices and barriers to walkability observed in their work, communities and travels.

Meet the Network!

Network Founder & Co-Facilitator

Annika Lundkvist // Warsaw, Poland

Annika is the Founder & Co-Facilitator of & the Global Walkability Correspondents Network. She is a PhD student researching issues of sustainable urbanism, walkability & sustainable mobility. She is passionate about photographing city spaces & built environment. She is also the Co-founder of Urban Transit Lab.

Network Co-Facilitator & Social Media Coordinator

Raluca Hurmuz // Timisoara, Romania

Raluca is an urban designer and architect from Romania, passionate about exploring the complexities of cities and their impact on human well-being. With her love for reading and travelling, Raluca is also aware of and deeply concerned about the climate crisis. She is committed to using her knowledge and expertise to promote sustainable mobility and bring people closer to nature in cities. Having worked for three years in an urban planning office in Timisoara, Raluca is now ready to take her career to the next level and focus on creating places that prioritize people.

Network Co-Facilitator

Alan Lacey Raposo // Cádiz, Spain

Alan is an ex-chef, studied political science and has an MSc in Sustainable Cities. Activist for change, he has worked with refugee NGOs in Seville, as policy officer in local government and is currently involved in a unique community project called Local Trust. He is also the Co-founder of Urban Transit Lab.

Read England & Spain Correspondent Alan’s content here

Network Co-Facilitator & Urban Engagement Outreach Coordinator

Merve Özhan // Turkey, Istanbul

Merve is an urban designer with focus on mobilities with a background in architecture. She is passionate about children and youth and their sustainable practices in the city. She has lived in cities like Berlin, Paris and Brussels. Before moving back to Istanbul, which is her hometown, she lived in Aalborg, Denmark for almost 5 years.

Global Chapter Adviser

Vanny Mwamba // Cincinnati, OH, USA

Vanny is originally from Congo DRC and a process engineer at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati. He is a passionate advocate for walking. He founded Urban Hikers to promote walking for health and community building, and serves as the organization’s Chief Hike Evangelist. Vanny also produced a long-form documentary called Why We Walk, which explores the cultural and scientific benefits of walking. His goal is to inspire people to make walking a part of their daily lives.

In September 2023, we began to support the development and launching of local GWCN chapters. We are so excited to support network members in the establishment of local GWCN chapters, using our dynamic global connectivity to support local activity!

Learn more about the chapters and their organizers below!

Chapter Leads

Ann E. Bueche // Chapter Lead: Michigan, USA

Ann is a globalist interested in increasing the well-being of people and the planet. Ann brings experience and insights living and working in many communities around the world. She provides consulting services in program design and advocates for more sustainable and inclusive policies and practices.

Read Global Correspondent Ann’s content here

Tim Cunningham // Chapter Lead: New York, New Jersey, USA

Tim recently holds a Ph.D. from Ulster University, Belfast, and is currently writing a book “Human Rights and the Architecture of Conflict”. His Ph.D. examines how the British Army in Belfast used the planning and design of the built environment to segregate and isolate “suspect communities”. He is particularly interested in how infrastructural racism in the USA perpetuated spatial inequalities and how the worst effects of these practices can be remediated by creating more compact, inclusive, and walkable spaces.

Cori Dahl // Chapter Lead: Chicago, IL, USA

Cori is passionate about advocating for pedestrian rights and public transportation in the Motor City–Detroit, Michigan, USA. She spends her time going for walks, spending time with friends, and documenting pedestrian life in Detroit.

Visit the Chicago chapter here:

Divantha Ekanayake // Chapter Lead: Kandy, Sri Lanka

Divantha is an Urban Planning Enthusiast who currently works as a Sustainability Consultant. He thinks that urban planning is the best tool we have to achieve sustainable development goals and should be at the forefront of sustainability and climate discussions.

Read Sri Lanka Correspondent Divantha’s content here

Visit the Kandy chapter here:

Ömer Kılıç // Chapter Lead: Ankara & Gaziantep, Türkiye

Ömer is an industrial engineer and IT project manager based in Türkiye. He has played a pivotal role in numerous information technology projects, contributing to a collective user base exceeding 60 million individuals. His journey is marked by innovation, leadership, and a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of technology & sustainable world. As a founding member of the Fintech startup NudgeLab and active mobility impact initiative, he continues inspiring progress starting from himself.

Blair Lorenzo // Chapter Lead: New York, NY, USA

Blair is a world-famous urban theorist who… wait, this has to be honest!? Bah! Blair is a professional urbanist and writer who is dedicated to exploring how American cities work through critical analyses of urban spaces, places, and systems. Primarily focused on urban function, the impact of transportation, and the importance of the public realm, her work can be found at her website, The Fox and the City.

Read American Urbanism Correspondent Blair’s content here

Lorenzo Mele// Chapter Lead: Toronto, ON, Canada

Lorenzo is a sustainability, demand management and active design specialist. He is the Principal of Attivo Designs in Toronto, Canada and is committed to advancing the connection between health, transportation, and our built environment by working with partners, clients, and community to creatively animate our environments to influence healthier and sustainable behaviours.

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Misha Mittal // Chapter Lead: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Misha is a Senior Manager – City Advisory at Expo City Dubai, who’s all about making cities fair for everyone. With a background in architecture and a large inter-sectional experience in the public and private sectors, she uses her skills to unveil disparities in our cities. Misha is super passionate about walkability – making it easy for everyone to walk around. She looks closely at cities to find out what’s not working and how to fix it. Whether it’s designing public spaces or planning neighborhoods, she makes sure everyone can get around easily in the most efficient and environmentally responsive manner. She intends to bring walkability to every city she works with as part of her job, creating spaces where everyone feels connected and included. Her mission goes beyond conventional planning, as she strives to bridge the divide and create resilient, inclusive urban spaces for all.

Carlos Ruiz // Chapter Lead & Social Media Coordinator: Toronto, ON, Canada

Carlos is an avid walker and cycling enthusiast based in Toronto. With a background in Political Science and teaching, he believes walkable cities play a vital role in the development of local economies, the environment and public health as well as contributing to the strengthening of democratic values. Carlos is a strong advocate of changing the car-centric culture of North America and strongly believes in education as the most important tool for positive change.

Read Toronto, Canada & Bogotá, Colombia Correspondent Carlos’ content here.

Visit the Toronto chapter here:

Santhana Selvan // Chapter Lead: India

Santhana is an experienced IT Professional and passionate cyclist in Hyderabad where he has a role to play called Bicycle Mayor of Hyderabad from BYCS, an Amsterdam- based social organization. He is also the lead for the Bicycle Mayors Network in India!

He has been working for Public Health via Cycling and advocacy of Active Mobility (Walking, Cycling and Public Transportation) in the city of Hyderabad for many years, in the best interests of Hyderabad.

Nahom Teklu // Chapter Lead: Addis Abeba, Ethipioa

Nahom is a young and visionary architect and urban strategist whose work is shaped by designing for humanity through working on architecture, researching urbanization, exploring urbanism, and directing curation for lighting greater positive impact on the socio-spatial justice, and livelihood worthy of human dignity.

Read Nahom’s content here

Visit the Addis Abeba chapter here:

Jamie Trufin // Chapter Lead: Phoenix, AZ, USA

Jamie is an urbanist dedicated to strengthening community bonds and forging meaningful connections within his city, one step at a time. Holding a degree in Sustainability and Urban Planning from Arizona State University, he is deeply invested in enhancing urban livability. Jamie is a champion for safer, more walkable streets and advocates for sustainable development.

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