Hey, young sustainable mobility superheroes! 

Are you ready to join us on a fantastic journey of colours, energy and cool ideas?

Pedestrian Space and Urban Transit Lab are on the lookout for young artists to help celebrate what sustainable mobility looks like through youthful eyes! 

We invite you to imagine how the city would look if we walked, cycled and used public transport more. Let’s show grown-ups how fun sustainable mobility can be and draw your ideas on how to change our streets to make them better. 

Come and be part of this wonderful mission and help us create an art collection of how young people move around the city while making more friends and caring for the environment.

You also may get the chance to have your work showcased at Urban Transit Lab, in Friday Art Features at Pedestrian Space and in a non-profit Sustainable Mobility Workbook.

All young artists will become sustainable mobility youth correspondents at Urban Transit Lab.

Prepare your pencils, watercolours or graphic tablet and show us:

  • What does a good street for walking and cycling look like?
  • What’s your favourite mode of transport, and why do you like it?
  • Which mode of transportation would you like to use more?
  • A pleasant memory of a walk, journey or route that you enjoy recalling
  • What makes walking, cycling and public transport fun?
  • How do you go to your favourite place in your neighbourhood?
  • What would you change in your city/neighbourhood to make it safer and more pleasant for children and people to spend more time outside?

This art call is dedicated to talented artists aged 18 or under. We appreciate the unique perspectives young people can bring, and we’re eager to share youth-created art on green mobility with the world.

Teachers, parents and guardians, please fill out the form below by the 15th of April, 2024, by uploading a high-quality scan or photo of piece of work and writing a short description of what your art is about. 

Submit your art & information at the form link here

Questions? Please email media@pedestrianspace.org

Graphic by Raluca Hurmuz