FOUNDER & EDITOR: Annika Lundkvist

In creating Pedestrian Space, I have been excited to synthesize years of experiences and interests that began to form like building blocks as I developed this media, advocacy and research platform on walkability.

This work has bridged memories of mobility and daily life in five countries and multiple cities. It has connected directly to my love and deep appreciation for walkable communities as well as my work as a photographer, often focusing on scenes of urbanism, mobility and the built environment.

The work takes many cues from my interdisciplinary academic background (Bachelors in Psychology, Master’s in Spatial Planning & Master’s in Historic Preservation) and offers a foundation to advocate for walkability as a fundamental right and a foundational element for sustainable towns and cities and ultimately for healthy, vibrant and resilient communities.

-Annika Lundkvist

As of February 2022, Annika is a fellow at The Schumacher Institute. In October 2022 she began a PhD position at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Read more about her personal connection to issues of walkability here.