Spring Walking Lab: Warsaw 2023

Earlier this year, I conceptualized curating a Walking Lab series here in Warszawa. The idea was to expand on my workshop series, moving from an interior and cerebral experience to an outdoor and mobile event.

The first Walking Lab has been this Spring with walks in Koło, Muranów, Koneser (surroundings), the city metro system (exploring the provision of public toilets) and coming up this week, one in Służewiec.

Some of the walks are largely historic and educational in nature, led by individuals with great knowledge on an area.

Other walks are relaxed, resident-led experiences, offering a look into a neighborhood as guided by someone living there.

These walking labs are developing as a methodology in my own research but the events themselves are also social experiences, after which we gather for a meal or some drinks and often great, winding dialogue on many topics.

Are you based in Warsaw and interested in being on a mailing list to be aware of future walks so you can participate? Email info@pedestrianspace.org

Thank you to those who have led or are planning to lead walks! I look forward to developing the next walking lab series for this Summer!

-Annika Lundkvist, Founder at Pedestrian Space