As walking and walkability are at the heart of Pedestrian Space, we always seek to develop and share content related to these themes.

The ‘Let’s Take a Walk‘ series will be dedicated to both exploratory and curated city walks, as well as ‘walking interviews’ with individuals on different aspects of the city.

The heart of the series is about city identity, urban spaces, built environment, history, arts and more- discovering, documenting and learning about the city via our own lense as well as dialogue with others.

Walks are largely unscripted but will follow a few different ‘formats’ including:

  • The STAR Method
  • Exploratory
  • The 5 W’s

The Star Method of interviewing -‘Situation, Task, Action and Result’ –
will be used to explore aspects of urban space & change.

Exploratory walks have as their agenda simply exploring a city space, area or neighborhood and documenting what we see.

The 5 W’s, the ‘Who, What, When, Where and Why’ will structure some of our walks with featured guests as we explore specific local topics from their viewpoints, work and engagement with the city.

We are also flexible to develop walks in other formats in collaboration with featured guests.

Walks will begin in Kraków in 2021. If you are interested in being a guest for a walk or have a recommendation for a guest to feature, situation, event or city space to focus on, please feel free to get in touch.