ITS International Article: Mobility as a Value

It was a pretty interesting and exciting opportunity to be commissioned for an article for ITS International (Route One-Publishing). Thank you Adam Hill!

View online here

I used the opportunity to write on ‘mobility as a value’ and some of the more complex topics I have experienced and observed as an advocate in the realm of walkability and active mobility.

As I write in the piece, reshaping ‘mobility culture’ is a collective task. How I participate and choose to contribute is:

📸 Via my media advocacy here at Pedestrian Space

🌏 🌎 🌍 Via my co-facilitation of the GWCN: Global Walkability Correspondents Network

📝 Via my research at Szkoła Doktorska Anthropos IPAN

👣 In my daily decisions, choosing walking and PT as my primary mode (grateful to currently live in a place where I can do so).

🖋 I also participate in the paradigm shift via penning pieces like this (also in the ITS International print magazine)

With the turn of this year, I am excited to begin working on content for youth and community education and engagement on walkability and its benefits. Many people live in communities where it is not safe or convenient to walk and where public transit options are subpar.

As we advocate for systemic infrastructural and service changes, awareness building and education are also crucial to combat stigmas that these modes can carry in places that (in recent decades) have not prioritized them.

My 3-page article is available to read here:

-Annika, Pedestrian Space