Weekend notes from the city

Just a few notes and snapshots from our current city of residence….

Our own experience of the city and moving through it informs a great deal of our perspective and understanding of mobility.

As urban inhabitants, we perceive sustainable urban mobility as:

• Affordable or free
• Accessible
• Climate-friendly / lower carbon footprint

I Spy Mobility!

Above, a pretty typical busy weekend scene on a main street in our current city. How many modes of mobility do you see?

Walkability for ducks. It’s very important!

You can sometimes find us trying to help escort ducks across streets or out of the way of traffic. This particular duck, along with another, seemed quite content strolling the city center….

Walkable environments and green spaces are restorative and beneficial for mental health. Common sense planning prioritzes integration of green space throughout the urban environment when possible.

Fortunately our new duck friend in the city center is not too far away from local natural environments….

Weekend Greetings from the Sidewalk!

-Annika, Editor & Founder of Pedestrian Space