Summer Street: Swedenborgsgatan

Swedenborgsgatan, located in Södermalm, is one of several Summer streets in Stockholm. We’ve recently begun communicating with some of the businesses on the street to gain insight into how they experience and view the summer pedestrianisation.

In August 2018 we snapped this photo while enjoying the lively yet relaxing street space and observing the various outdoor extensions to restaurants and cafes (benches, tables dining tents etc on the sidewalk and street) made possible due to the seasonal pedestrianisation.

At the end of summer, Stockholm city officials do follow up research & talk with citizens, businesses as well as visitors to the area about what they enjoy as well as areas to potentially improve (called ‘Medborgarpanel‘). We are currently reading up on their results from 2020 – lots of interesting feedback! We look forward to continuing to get to know the Summer Streets of Swedish cities in more depth and sharing what we learn here.

Photo: Swedenborgsgatan, Stockholm (Annika Lundkvist, 2018)