Project O_city

Contributor: Beatrice Foresti

Instagram @beaforesti

O_city is a university project regarding sustainable cities and communities. We are a group of Master Communication Design students at Politecnico di Milano in Italy from the Anthropology of Communication course.

Illustration by Project O_city


With O_city, our goal is to move from a city that follows the rhythm of cars to a city designed to follow the rhythm of humans.

Inspired by an idea of Carlos Moreno (the city of 15 minutes) we thought of a model of an inclusive city structured in three scales, which can be applied for example to Milan.

In the first urban division, in each area the basic services are accessible within 15 minutes on foot. The second scale is composed by 2 or 3 of these districts. The third is the entire city in which the other services will be located. 

The project consists of an application (1) full of customizable maps accessible to all types of citizens, to connect them to the 15-minute system. A website (2) for elections of representatives of each 15-minute zone and links for connections to other projects.

And finally a guidance document (3) explaining how a city can adopt the 15-minute system and how to structure the 3 scales. We also designed city ads and signs (4).

Illustration by Project O_city


The freehand illustrations allow for a clearer and closer dialogue with our users. They are designed for the app and for all the communication of the project. Humans and inclusivity are at the heart of O_city so I created a set of illustrations to represent each citizens in its diversity. 

Website: View here 

App for mobile: View here 


Elisa Carbone, Maria Camila Coelho, Marina Fernandez, Beatrice Foresti, Hoang Anh Nguyen, Ludovica Rossi, Nelly Saad


I’m Beatrice Foresti from the project O_city. I graduated last year in Communication Design and am now attending the Master in the same course at Politecnico of Milano. I really enjoy drawing so in our project I drew and designed the illustrations for O_city. Hope you’ll appreciate the simple and funny style of my little walking people!