15 Minute City: Örebro

In the ‘Background’ section of this website, I share a bit on what led to my interest in cities, urbanism, walkability & pedestrian developments. I also share about how, when I first heard about the ’15 minute city’ I had an “aha moment” as the city I currently inhabit with my family is a textbook example of this concept & one of the aspects I value so much about it.

Örebro is Sweden’s 7th largest city with a population of approximately 156,000, a livable city center & suburbs that are easily reached with public transportation. There are multiple playgrounds as well as preschools & schools within a 15 -20 minute walk almost anywhere you are in the city.

The hospital is also a 15 minute trek from most areas in the city as are a few wonderful green woodsy areas & parks (some of which include outdoor gyms). Numerous shopping & dining options are easily reached within a 15 minute walk or 5 minute bike ride as well as amenities (sports facilities, gyms, salons, library etc). Within 15 minutes in nearly every direction are mixed residential areas where you can find houses, rowhouses as well as apartment buildings.

Photo: Örebro (Annika Lundkvist, Pedestrian Space)

It is not only extremely practical on a day to day basis, but also pleasant to move around. Size & sensible Nordic city planning no doubt have something to do with it. Just as with many other places I have lived, this city has influenced my understanding of community as well as the potentials of urbanism & particularly the 15 / 20 minute city concept which is a living reality in many cities.