Magazine Idea in the Making

Mockup of a ‘Pedestrian Space’ concept magazine

When I established @pedestrianspace (last year) & (this year), creating and sharing media content on walkability was one of my primary goals.

Media coverage and content creation are at the heart of the Pedestrian Space mission in large part, perhaps, because I’m a photographer and writer at heart with a decades-long appreciation of the role of walkability for liveable cities & quality of life.

I’m also a lifelong lover of magazines. Some of my earliest annd most exciting reading (and mail) memories were getting my copy of ‘Highlights’ in the post.  I grew up fascinated by magazines and the art of reading them.

As an adult now, I promise you I cannot pass by an international media kiosk without stopping to investigate all the covers (or at least take a photo of the kiosk!).

Mockup of a ‘Pedestrian Space’ concept magazine

The idea of a ‘Pedestrian Space’ concept magazine thrills me but I’m also aware that creating a magazine is a time and resource-intensive activity so am letting this idea percolate a bit.

Thanks to those of you who have left encouraging words on the posts about this.  I’d truly be tickled to be able to deliver on this to all of you.

-Annika Lundkvist, Founder & Editor

Mockup of a ‘Pedestrian Space’ concept magazine