Illustrator Spotlight: Rachael Saunder’s Street Life

Here at Pedestrian Space, we love to feature art that depicts urbanism, city life and active mobility- such as illustrator Rachael Saunder’s “Street Life” series!

As part of our continued committment to feature artists and other creative professionals who work with these themes, we bring readers this dialogue with Rachael about her work. Working as a full-time freelance illustrator since 2014, Rachael lives in Hampshire (UK) “on the fringes of the New Forest” with her fiance and toy poodle Winnie.

Pedestrian Space: We really love visual mediums that depict various forms of city life and urban mobility such as your ‘Street Life’ series. It really richly depicts urban mobility, built environment and life.  What inspired it and do you have other artworks depicting streetscapes?

Rachael: Street Life’ was created just after I graduated and had signed up to my UK agents The Artworks. I wanted to create some fresh work for them to show to prospective clients and drew on my recent trips to New York, Barcelona and London for inspiration.

Pedestrian Space: What are favorite mediums to work with?

Rachael: I love having a sketchbook to hand in order to collect and document ideas. It is such an invaluable tool to help get what is inside my head onto paper without any pressure or judgement. I also couldn’t live without my Imac and Wacom, as I create my work almost solely using Adobe Photoshop.

I have also designed a fun poster depicting city life as a dog owner. It plays on the concept that people look like their pets, subconsciously mimicking their mannerisms and appearance. 

Pedestrian Space: Connecting to this unusual chapter in our lives- what has the last almost year of the pandemic been like for you? How has it affected or influenced your art?

Rachael: The pandemic has forced me to slow down. Naturally I am a very fast paced person, when it comes to my work, and I would rarely take the time to reflect on projects I had just completed.

The past year I have been actively stopping and thinking about the direction I want to take my work.

On her favorite space to walk

One of my favorite spaces to explore and walk around are the streets and water meadows in Winchester. I have very fond memories there.

On her favorite mode of moving around the area she lives in

I love walking, especially as I have a dog!

Visit Rachael online at:

Visit Rachael online at: