15 Minute City: Mobility Survey Update

Our first ‘City Mobility’ Survey focuses on Örebro, a medium sized city in the heart of Sweden. We launched the survey last month & will be working with it through Spring 2021.

Survey in progress (Graphic as of March 12, 2021)

✍Questions include people’s preferred methods of moving around town as well as a checklist of amenities they can reach within 15 minutes of their home by foot or cycling.

🔵 Many people filling out the survey have never heard of the concept of the 15 minute city but after a brief explanation are given the opportunity to reflect if they view this city as such.

🟠 So far respondents come from neighborhoods all over the city as well as various nearby suburbs and also represent a range of professional roles (architects, students, business owners, gardeners, professors, planners, beauticians & hairdressers, unemployed, managers and more).

📑 We look forward to sharing more about the survey as we progress!

Örebro From Above & Below (Summer 2020)