Friday Artist Feature: Danielle Rhoda, Manchester

Here at Pedestrian Space we love to feature walkability and related themes as depicted in various visual and artisitc mediums.

When we first saw Danielle Rhoda’s work, we were smitten, particularly with her illustrations of people walking and moving around the city.

Originally from Wroclaw, Poland, illustrator and animator Danielle Rhoda has lived in the UK for over a decade and currently resides in Manchester. Below are excerpts from our dialouge.

“When I first moved here for uni I used to live quite central and walked EVERYWHERE and is was fab. Now I try to cycle whenever I can or use the tram which is a fabulous source of inspiration with so many different people.”

‘Walking’ by Danielle Rhoda

Pedestrian Space: When we first learned about your work (via C40cities) what we immediately noticed in some of your pieces was such a rich and diverse range of city movers as well as types of mobility!  Can you share more about how you are inspired to depict these themes in your art?

Danielle: I love drawing from observation and noticing all the variates of ‘one thing’ is so much fun! Picking out all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours of bikes, animals and people makes the drawing feel more authentic than if I were to try and come up with all that on my own. Doing so I’m learning and imagining different stories behind all the characters. 

‘Couple’ by Danielle Rhoda

I love the area I live in (Didsbury). There are some picturesque idyllic streets and avenues full of big old trees as well as some great parks! But when I need a change of scenery I enjoy visiting Ancoats. It’s a totally different vibe, and although it’s pretty much in the city centre there’s a lovely calm about that area as well as canal boats and good food!

Danielle on her favorite streets and paces to walk

‘Coolest one on the Cycle Lane’ by Danielle Rhoda

Another part of the city that is well loved is the Northern Quarter which is known for its independent businesses and artistic roots, It’s also fantastic to walk around, socialise and get a good bite or drink!”

Danielle on great walkable areas in her community
‘A Day in Manchester’ by Danielle Rhoda

“A Day In Manchester’ was a commission for an art trail called 50 Windows of Creativity that ran through winter months in Manchester to try and bring a little colour to the grey moments of lockdown. It was the first moment in a long while I’ve been able to go outside and draw on location so it felt special. It is a literal snapshot of a day in Manchester.” 

-Danielle Rhoda

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