Existing 15/20 Minute Cities & Neighborhoods

Many cities across the world are looking to the 15 minute city concept to inspire a new chapter of planning, which we find very exciting for development and focus on sustainable urbanism in the 21st century.

Here at Pedestrian Space, we feel that it is also of great value to look to cities and towns where the 15 minute city is a living concept and how the history of planning in these areas created that reality.

We snapped this photo during our chapter of living in Portland, Oregon a little over a decade ago. We experienced it as an extremely walkable city (particularly for North American standards) with a great public transport system (light rail, street car bus). Indeed, Portland is typically regarded in urbanism dialogue in the USA as a model to learn from & emulate.

The ’20 minute neighborhood’ has been used as an urban planning concept in the Pacific Northwestern city of Portland since 2010. Like the ’15 minute city’, it is a concept that is neither radical nor new- but the reintegration of these planning policies into many communities is.

At Pedestrian Space, we are interested in both concepts and observe that even more focus can be given to places that have achieved these qualities- places where the ’15 minute city’ and ’20 minute neighborhoods’ are not hypothetical but rather reality.

We look forward to covering places that already model these concepts and learning how their municipalities and communities work to maintain them.

We also look forward to covering places that are working towards cultivating the features of a 15/20 minute city (or city with several 20 minute neighborhoods) and the specific and unique challenges various communities face in doing so.

Örebro (February 2020)

15 – 20 minute cities are a core theme at Pedestrian Space and we welcome perspectives related to urban areas that are working to incorporate this concept in their development as well as cities that already are experienced as such.  We are also working on a list of cities that can be classified as 15/20 minute cities for case studies, further exploration and features.

We welcome suggestions from around the world and if you are interested in sharing something on this topic please check out our Submissions Guidelines and feel free to get in touch.