Welcoming Submissions

We welcome contributions from around the world on issues related to walkability, public space, urbanism & pedestrianization.

This website was launched in January 2021 and is dedicated to being a spaceto share what we are working on as well as serve as an international platform for voices from around the world on these themes.

Our broad focus is on benefits and challenges of historic and contemporary pedestrian initiatives. We cover issues of walkability related to and including:

•Mobility equity
•Environmental protection
•Sustainability goals
•Emissions reduction
•Local economy
•Public space & art
•Access to public transport
•Urban heritage
•Mental, emotional & physical health
•Community health & connectivity
•Safe routes to play + school for children
….and more.

Flexibility and diversity are cornerstones of our philosophy of content. We carry the energy of a magazine to our site, keeping in mind a diverse readership.

Submissions Guidelines are now live at pedestrianspace.org/submissions ✍🏽

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