Welcoming Contributions

Welcoming contributions to pedestrianspace.org!

Pedestrian Space is a media, research & advocacy project on the benefits & challenges of historic & contemporary pedestrian initiatives. It relates to a number of themes including:

•Mobility equity
•Environmental protection
•Sustainability goals
•Emissions reduction
•Local economy
•Public space & art
•Access to public transport
•Urban heritage
•Mental, emotional & physical health
•Community health & connectivity
•Safe routes to play + school for children
….and more.

Pedestrianspace.org was established in January 2021 as the web component of this project, with the intent to share snapshots of what I am working on & observing but also to welcome voices & contributions from individuals around the world working on these & related themes.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in contributing or have a tip.

-Annika, Founder & Editor at Pedestrian Space