Suggestions for Summer Street Improvements (Stockholm)

In learning more about Summer Streets of Stockholm, we are reading the survey Resultat Medborgarpanel Sommarplatser (August 2020), prepared for Stockholm city by

These were suggestions (originally in Swedish) made in response to the question of what people wanted to see more of that did not exist on the Summer Streets at the time of the survey. We share them here as they certainly have relevance to ideas for improvement of pedestrian spaces worldwide.

  • “Temporary playground / swings / games to show that the street space can be so much more than outdoor cafes
  • Stylish and colorful trash cans that are also emptied every day
  • Seating with the possibility of shade. Seating that is adapted for people who have a little difficulty getting up
  • Fewer cyclists
  • Ban on electric scooters
  • Possibility of more food trucks, kiosks, bike hosted ice cream stands. It is important that occurs along with emptying of rubbish bins or extra rubbish bin. Moblie water play items? Like a sprinkler. Fun for the kids!

Main takeaways of what people wanted to see more of:

  • Seating, play areas, trash cans, bike parking
  • Greenery, flowers, art & music
  • Lighting & Security
  • Prohibit electric scooters, clear signage
  • *a number of respondents had not been spending much time in the city due to Corona
Source: Resultat Medborgarpanel Sommarplatser (August 2020)