Spring Beginnings: Editorial Note

As we enjoy increasingly warmer temperatures and hints of growth throughout the landscape heralding Spring, we work to further distill our research foci while simultaneously continuing to expand our international reach for media contributions and engagement here at Pedestrian Space.

Our interests span a broad range of themes that connect to issues of walking & pedestrianization. Our research foci continue to develop with connection to a diversity of issues including the following:

•Emissions reductions through increased pedestrianization in cities

•Walkability and access to amenities as a civic right in cities and towns

•Inclusivity in urban design, planning and traffic planning of pedestrian and soft mobility paths and networks

•Importance of walkability for mental health and this benefit as critical for community

•Walkability, pedestrianized zones and local economy

•Documenting and exploring aspects of existing 15-20 minute neighborhoods, towns and cities

Photo: Kungsparken, Malmö (May 2020)

We look forward to continuting to publish snapshots of what we are working on as well as welcoming submissions from individuals worldwide working with these themes.

We look forward to a very walkable and interesting Spring ahead!