Spring 2021 at Pedestrian Space

When I established Pedestrian Space, it was out of motivation to begin developing my own media and content around issues of pedestrianization, but also to begin to connect to even more people interested in and working with issues of walkability and communities. 

I feel fortunate to, over the years, have known so many planning students, professionals and urbanism advocates who are genuinely motivated by issues of social and spatial justice, public engagement, sustainability, quality of life and liveability for all residents and more. 

Through Pedestrian Space, I am constantly meeting and communicating with even more people motivated by these issues. This is truly one of the best things to experience, like-minded individuals working with great passion on issues that, at heart, are about making our communities better places to live for current residents as well as future generations.

The word community comes from the Latin communis, meaning “common, public, shared by all or many.” These discussions we highlight around urbanism, mobility and space necessarily concern people from all walks of life and backgrounds. 

At this website, we feature research and thought pieces from individuals in the urban planning community as well as interviews with other municipal workers, features on artists, advocates, residents of cities who are simple lovers of walkability and much more! 

Our site is developing as we intended- to feature a broad spectrum of content from many places and people all over the world who share that common interest and motivation in healthy, liveable communities.

 We welcome submissions on a rolling basis. Feel free to also email or DM inquiries about collaboration and content! 

Sunday greetings from the heart of Sweden!