Enhanced Use of Public Transportation through Pedestrianization

Photo: Helsinki (Annika Lundkvist, Pedestrian Space)

Pedestrian Space looks at a range of urban planning and community issues through the lens of pedestrian advocacy and pedestrianization. Access to clean, efficient and affordable public transportation is one of these issues. Such access, in many regions across the globe is also one of equity.

Convenient, expansive & safe public transit networks are a hallmark of sustainable 21st century cities focused on reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles on the road (thus reducing congestion), environmental protections, greenhouse gas reduction – to name a few key benefits.

Enhanced use of public transportation through pedestrian networks as well as best case practices in sustainable public transportation that also connect with pedestrianization plans will be one of our foci as our research develops.

Photo: Budapest (Annika Lundkvist, Pedestrian Space)