Pedestrian Space Newsletter

The 1st Pedestrian Space newsletter is due out later this month. I’m excited to plan this as a natural progression of activities and output at Pedestrian Space as well as to offer a window into many things happening there.

The newsletter will include:

 •A bit of storytelling on the founding (January 2021), ethos and mission of Pedestrian Space as a media and advocacy platform

 •Recounting the founding of the Global Walkability Correspondents Network this year (January 2022) and the developments in the Network over the past several months including the formation of numerous exciting working groups

 •Preview of the micro themes scheduled for April and October 2023 as ‘Months of Walkability’ – an initiative of Pedestrian Space and Car Free St. Pete

 •An invitation to think about the walkability of your community as well as your mobility choices and to share with Pedestrian Space

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-Annika Lundkvist, Founder and Editor at

Photo: Kraków, Annika Lundkvist (2022)