Interview with Mayor John Bauters, Emeryville

Interview with John Bauters, Mayor of Emeryville, in which we discuss:

  • The transformation of Doyle Street into a fully operative pedestrian space
  • The fare-free public transit in the city
  • Transportation and mobility as one of the quickest lifestyle shifts people can make when given choices
  • Questioning why the safety of people moving in ways other than car has not been prioritized in recent decades
  • Emeryville’s potential as a ’15-minute city’
  • Fulfilling vision for network connectivity in the city
  • Emeryville as ‘City of Artists’
  • Experience at COP26
  • City walkability, cycle friendliness and public transportation rating

And much more!

Doyle Street, temporary measures
Photo Credit: Mayor John Bauters

The skies cleared, literally. We got a chance to observe what people do when they can walk through their city.

John Bauters on the pandemic in 2020
Doyle Street In Progress
Photo Credit: Bike East Bay

We chose to do something strategically to be sustainable.

John Bauters on transforming Doyle Street
Doyle Street Permanent
Photo: CalBike