Pedestrian Space for All People

Pedestrian Space is for all people.

While the images shared at might not always look exactly like scenes of mobility in your community (as generally they are often taken in whatever place I am living or related to volunteer content submission), the broader point is to continuously stimulate discussion and thought on issues of mobility, health, life and community.

These are a few of the photos I have snapped over the years that I also use in my ‘I Spy Mobility’ game. The game simply involves people counting the modes of mobility they see. I incorporate this game into my ‘Urban Mobility Workshops‘ (I have hosted my 1st two this month here in dynamic Warszawa!). It is fascinating to see people individually study the photos, counting the modes they see as well as get into discussions as a group about how many modes they see.

Perhaps for those embedded in sustainable mobility work, such a game would be simplistic (but maybe still fun?). However, it’s great to remember that not everyone is thinking about urban mobility on a daily basis, contemplating the motivations and psychology of their mobility decisions or regularly thinking about broader issues of emissions reductions and the mobility paradigm shift., as a media and advocacy platform, is dedicated to creating content for the public, engaging minds on these topics in an interesting and accessible way.

In 2023, I also look forward to beginning to create more educational content as something I consistently hear from people in different world regions is that there is a lack of public awareness about the importance of walkability, the importance of investing in quality, efficient public transportation and sustainable mobility modes.

Here’s to a wonderful last few days of the year and gradually preparing for all the great works to do in 2023.

-Annika Lundkvist, Founder at ‘Pedestrian Space’