Global Walkability Correspondents Network Update

The Global Walkability Correspondents Network is always growing!

Today I updated the network bios page with the photos and bios of some participants who recently joined as well as noting what region they will represent as Correspondents at Pedestrian Space:

•Aurangabad-based Pallavi Deore: Correspondent for Western India, Maharashtra State

•Vienna-based Roxani Gkavra: Correspondent for Vienna and Thessaloniki

•Perth-based Karen Lee: Correspondent for Perth, Australia

•London, UK-based Alan Lacey Raposo: Correspondent for England and Spain

I established the Global Walkability Correspondents Network in January 2022 as a space for people around the world who are passionate about walkability and issues of sustainable urbanism to connect, share conditions of pedestrian space and mobility from their local communities, collaboratively learn and create media around these issues as well as share varied expertise.

Today the Network has 119 participants (each of whom I welcome with a video chat!) in 48 countries and 115 cities around the world (and growing) across the Americas, Africa, Europe, Australasia, Middle East and Asia.

The network is highly multidisciplinary as well, with participants who are community advocates and planners, urban mobility experts, transportation planners, architects, BA, MA and Ph.D. students (often in fields of planning and mobility), grassroots advocates, engineers, researchers, urban planners, public transit professionals, authors, media practitioners and more. In short, a robust annd international collective of truly passionate urbanists!

Are you interested in learning more and joining? Visit this form to register your interest.

-Annika Lundkvist

Founder at Pedestrian Space & Facilitator for the Global Walkability Correspondents Network