The Global Walkability Correspondents Network at Pedestrian Space has participants who hail from all over the world. As the network grows, so does the number of participants in different world regions who then have the opportunity to connect & go deeper into regional & national issues in their geographical areas together.

This is the case with the India working group in the Network – one of the first geographically based subgroups as well as a very dynamic one (I’ve participated in some of their meetings- it is a fantastic group!). The group is composed of architects, mobility advocates, urban designers, PhD Students, entrepreneurs, government workers and more.

All of the individuals in the group are passionate advocates for more humane mobility systems and regularly share about conditions from their communities (visit the Pedestrian Space Youtube channel to explore some presentations from their meetings).

The India working group meets twice a month and is wonderfully led by Madurai-based research scholar Nancy Deborah. They are working on various projects including bringing visibility to the problem of increasing car dependence in many of their communities and need for more awareness about preserving and further cultivating aspects of walkability.

One of the best things about facilitating an international network is also learning about different places. So I asked the participants of the India group if they could share 3 words about their city. This is what they shared:

  • Madurai: Temples, History & Vaigai – Nancy
  • Hyderabad: Heritage, Happening & High-Tech -Santhana
  • Nashik: Spiritual, Green, Growing – Pallavi
  • Chennai: Warmth, Cinema, Culture – Gautam
  • Kolkata: Roshogolla, Durja Puja, Trams – Rituparna
  • Chandigarh: Green, Beautiful, Welcoming – Moksha 
  • Imphal: Loktak, Dance, Polo- Urmi
  • Mumbai: Islands, Slums & Skyscrapers, Dreams – Arghyadip

Are you interested in learning more about the Global Walkability Correspondents Network and joining? Visit this link for a recent update & to register your interest.