Air Pump Stations in Örebro

Bike Pumps in Örebro Municipality

I’ve occasionally photographed (and posted to @pedestrianspace) stationary air pumps around the city for use by people using a bicycle, stroller or wheelchair. When I share these photos, inevitably someone in another city remarks what a great idea it is- a reminder that what seems commonplace and even mundane (though very practical here) does not even exist in many other cities and of course is helpful for the convenience of those choosing to walk, stroll and cycle.

I recently chatted with Andreas Ahlstam, Manager of Traffic Planning at the City Planning Department at Örebro Municipality (Enhetschef Stadsmiljö och Trafik). I wanted to know how many pumps there were installed around the city.

He shared that “There are 13 pumps that the city has installed and is responsible for. Now 14 since we now have a pump without electricity at Stenbackevägen. But there are more pumps that are available to the public. For example, Öbo has a couple of pumps, some of them are pointed out on this map:… (the one at Stenbackevägen doesn’t show on the map)

And then fuel stations and bicycle shops have pumps free to use. So in total there are probably between 20-40, that are free for the public to use in Örebro.