I view Örebro as a textbook example of a ’15 minute city’ but was curious to hear others’ perceptions as well as other inhabitants’ perceived distance from various amenities. Earlier this year I launched this survey to explore these issues.

The questions in this survey focused on :

  • People’s preferred mode(s) of mobility
  • What amenities can be reached by foot or bicycle within 15 minutes
  • Perceptions of this city as a ’15 minute city
  • What residents appreciate about local mobility
  • What residents perceive as room for improvement in local mobility

As we prepare to leave Örebro, we are closing this survey and glad to have been able to explore even a small group of other inhabitants’ views on the city.

View more about the background of the survey here.

Please note: Subway does not exist in the city, yet was included (along with a number of other options) as a standard & general list of common transport options in various cities.

What improvements do you think could be made for mobility in your city?

  • Bus
  • Better clearing of snow and ice.
  • Ability to take bicycle on bus
  • Carpool
  • More frequent buses
  • More trees to make movement more pleasant
  • I think there could be more activity in the city as well as more artwork and colorfulness. I think it’s what makes a city a city. Create things that makes the city feel like a community and not just a mall you walk through. I like it when they have like small food stands, because it makes you stop during the walk. The city feels nicer in the summer which is not shocking, but I still believe that the winter has it charms as long as we’re able to see them and highlight it. It’s usually dull during the winter, hence the colorfulness I brought up earlier. I think we need more of that.
  • More frequent buses to the countryside during weekends.
  • Better designed cycling lanes
  • Cycling and walking needs to be prioritized, Örebro is still (as most cities) a city built for cars and car drivers. this means that cyclists and pedestrians have to adjust to motorists and the automobility norm, this has to be changed to improve mobility in Örebro.
  • I would like to see the city safer by night, you don’t want to walk at night. Better lights, more law enforcement etc.
  • Public transport should have lower price and simpler price structure. For example, only sell day passes at 20kr/day and go as much as you want. Free would be great, however, some studies suggest that it is mainly walkers and bikers that then switch to public transport. The most difficult is to transform car driving to bike/public transport. However, public transport should be free for all elderly. Another thing that could be better is bike parking and bike stands. There are bike stands where you can lock your bike to the stand, these are much safer for theft. The bike stands usually are over crowded, even though they take significantly less space than cars.
  • Less trafic in the city.
  • More bicycle-roads
  • Perhaps a bike share program
  • More communal transport pathways through the highway to Marieberg & IKEA which are further away from main city and difficult to get to unless you have a car.
  • More boats
  • Subway or light rail
  • Better bike stands that aren’t so crowded
  • Too much noice from cars close to major routes.
  • Too few buses per hour.
  • To plan more in the city for pedestrians and bikes and to plant more trees and flowers.
  • More space for restaurants and cafes
  • Make the city more green and inviting
  • I would like to see more art when I take my walk. And more activities where people can meet.
  • Less traffic and air pollution near walking and bicycle paths.
  • More zebra crossings.

What aspects of commuting & moving around in your city do you enjoy?

  • Bicycling
  • Seeing different kinds of people and different types of artwork placed around the city.
  • We have benches all around the city where you can sit and take a break or just relax and I appreciate that.
  • Good bicycle lanes, fast trafic green light for bicyclists, bicycle parking with stands to lock bikes.
  • Fresh air, exercise, health and nature walking
  • Cycling is direct, hassle free and you get excercise.
  • Everything is close and it’s easy to walk anywhere you want.
  • The many great bike paths around town that are salted and almost always free of snow.
  • Quite good walkability in city center
  • It’s nice that everything is close so I don’t need a car.
  • I really like that I can get the city-vibe just by walkning outside my door, and if I take my bike I can get out on the countryside in within 15min.
  • Walkability
  • That most things are within walking distance
  • I think Örebro is a nice city with beautiful buildings so I enjoy going by foot so I can appreciate the surroundings
  • Walking and bicycle
  • Passing different built environments, choice of routes, good bike lanes
  • I like to go to restaurants, movies exhibitions
  • Walking in the park with the family
  • Small green areas here and there
Örebro: View from water tower (above) and view along traffic reduced Drottningatan (below)