World Car-Free Day 2021

Today, September 22, 2021, is World Car-free day.

Globally, transportation generates the largest share of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and is the largest contributor to climate change.

Every day offers the opportunity to think about mobility choices, but today in particular communities across the world pay collective awareness to these issues as well as initiate inspiring programs and actions to point attention to how we can effect change.

Photo: Annika Lundkvist, (Kraków, September 2021)

Today, across Poland (now our country of residence), a number of cities are offering free public transport. (Edit: we later found that in the majority of cities free transit was only offered to those with vehicle registrations).

What inspires you to go car-free?

It could relate to your commitment to living a car-free life or reducing your car dependence, or your aspirations to make changes so that you can try to live more car-free.

Photo: Annika Lundkvist, (Kraków, September 2021)

➡️ Have you ever experienced a household reduction in car dependence & if so what were some of the effects (both individual & on the household)?

Photo: Annika Lundkvist, (Kraków, September 2021)

➡️ Have you ever shifted from commuting by car to using public transit for some or all of your commuting needs?