Walking: Primary Mobility & Viable Alternative

Walkability is centered as the primary mode of mobility here at Pedestrian Space.

It is also centered as the primary mode of mobility (recognizing public transit as a critical dimension of walkability) in my own life, even when it is, frankly, a more difficult or less “convenient” choice.

But for many people, choosing walking and public transit is not a viable, or even safe, local option.

This is also why the work of Pedestrian Space exists. Not only to explore the qualities, histories and planning practices of walkable communities but also to highlight the inequity and challenges faced in car-dominant communities.

I focus on walkability as primary mobility, but the reality is that it does not exist as a basic alternative in many places.

‘Alternative’ can literally refer to ‘another possibility or choice’ (not secondary or ‘less than’) and the unfortunate reality is that walking and quality and reliable public transportation are NOT often realistic or safe alternate possibilities or choices in many communities.

Considering the car dominance that rules many communities, focusing on walkability as even a realistic alternative and viable option, is critical collective work.

-Annika Lundkvist, Founder at pedestrianspace.org

My children & I walking, taken by my husband