Talking about Transit Equity

It was fantastic chatting with Bakari Height of Labour Network for Sustainability today. We spoke about the upcoming Transit Equity Day (organized on February 5- Rosa Parks birthday) and I look forward to participating in the event next month.

He mentioned that he had seen the EIT Urban Mobility 15-minute City video I was featured in (watch here) and loved it. We then got to talking about the common sense inherent in the approach, the critical importance of championing the concept as something that people in all communities deserve (the opportunity and option to not have to depend on a car and to be able to access amenities at the community level) and he shared with me some stories of his own experience of such a lifestyle in pockets of US American life in places he has lived.

Our dialogue wound around issues of transit, health, opportunity, the paradigm of unquestioned car-dependence that dominates in so many communities, the challenge of investment in quality public transit infrastructure and more.

Check out the work of Labour Network for Sustainability, advocating for ‘TRANSIT AS A CIVIL RIGHT’ and their live stream on #transitequityday next month on Feburary 5th.