GWCN Session: Radha of (our) Parking magazine

Topic: GWCN Session: Radha of (our) Parking magazine

2 sessions hosted for the Global Walkability Correspondents Network (GWCN) in January 2024

As of last year, the modern American city was known to have dedicated as much as one-third of its public land solely to parking. Today, Indian metropolitan cities like Bombay, Delhi, and Bangalore are not far behind in this trend owing to the steep incline in the number of vehicular purchases every year since the pandemic, making the phenomenon of parking ubiquitous in urbanized areas.

In recognition of this fact and of the opportunity cost of public land resulting from it, (our) Parking Magazine has been curating an annual edited anthology of stories, research, reviews and more solely based on the idea of parking.

To date, 2 such issues of the (our) Parking Magazine have been published based in Bangalore and Panjim respectively, while a third based in Seoul, South Korea is in the works!