Switzerland & France Correspondent Kyan Rytzell

Introducing our Kyan Rytzell, Correspondent for Switzerland and France at Pedestrian Space!

In January 2022, we launched the Global Walkability Correspondents Network, as a way to build solidarity among walkability advocates around the world and continue to create media on sustainable mobility and urbanism.

We are grateful to welcome Kyan as a Switzerland and France Correspondent to our growing network of individuals who are passionate walkability advocates.

Photo: Kyan Rytzell


I was born in Geneva, Switzerland, have Persian-Swedish roots and currently work in Zurich. Last year I did an exchange in Urbanism in the Netherlands and with a multidisciplinary team conducted a participatory project, organized some events and walking think tanks in Groningen and Amsterdam.

As a physiotherapist, it became clear to me that walking (biking too) is the most important tool for the prevention of most of the health challenges we will have to face in the coming century. Walking has enormous social benefits too!!! Walk-friendly areas are good for our mental health and good for the environment and the economy as well. It seems like walking is a miracle pill.

Photo of an interview I did with a journal in Geneva to promote pedestrian spaces in our beautiful city. In early May we organized with the Swiss Pedestrian Association a walking discussion with local residents to talk about their neighborhood. -Kyan Rytzell

I was raised in an international and sport educational system and later studied Physiotherapy in Spain and Netherlands. My interest in ‘People and Challenges’ allowed me to work in France, Netherlands, USA, Norway, and Switzerland. My passion for Sports motivated me to take part in the Swiss Military Ski Patrol and win marathons.

Photo: Kyan Rytzell

My curiosity and wide interests also led me to work in renowned restaurants, renovate a 200-year-old farm, live homeless willingly for 6 months while going to university, teach living anatomy to 1st-year physiotherapy students and lead an urbanism project in the city of Groningen. I am convinced that my well-being stems from the quality of our relationships, environment and the courageous decision to make ourselves better.

Photo: Kyan Rytzell

Physical, mental and social health can all be promoted by having more walkable streets. It’s as simple as this!

Kyan Rytzell
Photo: Kyan Rytzell


I am from Geneva, currently working in Zurich. I will represent France and Switzerland, on themes such as participative projects, walkable streets, health, social health.

Photo: Kyan Rytzell

Raised in Geneva, Kyan studied physiotherapy in the Netherlands and is now working in Zurich. Curiosity, courage and humanity are core values for him.

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