Sílvia Casorrán

Earlier this year we chatted with Silvia Casorran Martos, Deputy Chief Architect of Barcelona, for the first time. As the city’s specialist for active mobility, it was great to hear from her about Barcelona’s many & diverse plans for enhancing the quality of life of residents & specific plans related to active mobility including (but not limited to!):

•Creating school streets
•Increasing green space throughout the city, with the aim that every resident should have green space to access within 200 meters of their home
•Superblocks- enhancing these streets as green corridors for active mobility
•Increasing cycle infrastructure- path widths, connectivity
•Improving pedestrian accessibility for those with reduced mobility issues (blind individuals, those using wheelchairs)
•Creating more integrated play environments through the city
•Educating residents on the need to reduce car-dependence in the city and how quality public spaces are a benefit for all

…and more!!!

“It’s about changing public space but also trying to help the minds of our citizens to learn to protect the most vulnerable.”

Sílvia Casorrán

It was exciting to hear her note that in terms of universal accessibility, almost all the metro stations are 100% accessible (with work being done to reach universal access) and buses, as well as trams, have universal access.

We also did a city walkability, PT and cycle-friendliness rating and Silvia shared the following current scores for Barcelona:

Cycle Friendliness: 6

Public Transportation: 7

Walkability: 9