Santiago City Walkability Rating with Alvaro Contente

Video from our recent talk with Chile-based Alvaro Contente, also our new Santiago Correspondent!

Alvaro recently attained a Master of Public Administration from Columbia University and works with project management and project finance of infrastructure). He is passionate about sustainable mobility, cities, and urbanism, with walkability being a long-running interest.

Alvaro also discusses the need for more trees in the city:

“Santiago is a very hot city – 200 days of sunny weather each year. We need more trees. The country is running dry, there is more desertification of Santiago due to climate change. We need to have more trees for people to make it easier for them to travel by walking, and right now we don’t have that. I think that our leaders need to acknowledge & do something about this.”

-Alvaro Contente

Alvaro’s current scores for Santiago:

Cycling: 7 1/2

Walkability: 4/5

Public Transit: 7/8

Álvaro is an engineer, Master of Public Administration, avid walker, and biker. He spends a great part of his free time wandering around Santiago de Chile’s streets. He’s passionate about the intersection between policy, urbanism, sustainability, and innovation.

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