Pedestrian Streets

Issues of pedestrianization are at the heart of ‘Pedestrian Space’ as a research project and media platform.

Historic and contemporary pedestrianisation initiatives in urban neighbourhoods offer many case studies for researching a range of walkability issues and their relationship to preservation goals. 

Photo: Södergatan, Malmö -pedestrianised in the 1970’s (Annika Lundkvist, Pedestrian Space)

Case studies will include historic pedestrian streets as well as passages that have been recently pedestrianised (both temporary and permanent). There will be a Nordic focus (“gågator”) as well as a broader global focus with a range pedestrian streets worldwide featured- their history, implementation, challenges and experienced benefits. 

Photo: Pedestrian Waterfront in Eriksberg, Göteborg (Annika Lundkvist, Pedestrian Space)
Photo: Kärleksgatan, Malmö (Annika Lundkvist, Pedestrian Space)

Nordic “Summer Streets” will be in focus for case studies on temporary pedestrian initiatives, their challenges and experienced benefits. 

Photo: Södermalm, Stockholm (Annika Lundkvist, Pedestrian Space)

“Walkability” as a core concept of urbanism in the 21st century, along with the fundamental practicality of “walkable cities” is a focal element in our research on pedestrianization examples, planning and initiatives.