Luxembourg City Walkability Rating with Francesca & Federico

Rating walkability, public transit & cycle friendliness of Luxembourg!

This video is from a recent chat with Francesca Pham and Federico Gentile of ZUG, “collective of residents living in Luxembourg city who would like to take an active part in driving the change in the area of mobility in the city of Luxembourg.”

Our city rating talks are very much conversational in nature and not meant to produce quantitative results but rather explore the narrative and experience behind people’s scores. We love doing these conversational ratings and what’s fun about this video is that Francesca and Federico agree on walkability and PT rating but have different scores for cycle friendliness.

How would you rate your city’s walkability, public transit and cycle friendliness?

Naturally, these ratings reflect our own perceptions of city space & mobility & also help shape the understanding of how improvements can be made to accommodate everyone’s experience of moving through the city by foot/rolling, PT & cycle.

Are you from Luxembourg City or familiar with it? On scales of 1-10 (1 being lowest and 10 being highest) what score would you give respectively to walkability, PT and cycle friendliness?