Announcement of Collaboration: PHLUSH & Pedestrian Space

Announcement of Collaboration

By Genevieve Mancuso of PHLUSH and Annika Lundkvist of Pedestrian Space

PHLUSH is a nonprofit based in the United States that helps local governments and citizen groups to advocate for and provide equitable public restroom access.

Pedestrian Space is a media platform and NGO devoted to issues of urban resilience with a focus on many dimensions of walkability, including the availability of safe, clean and accessible public restrooms.

This month, June 2024, we announce our collaboration, in commitment moving forward to produce impactful and thoughtful advocacy to:

  • Further strengthen communication with municipalities to communicate the need for toilet equity and explore both best practices and barriers in diverse cities and how urban governance can help with solutions
  • To enhance public engagement to continue to shape awareness about this neglected topic as well as neglected amenity
  • To reinforce our commitment to support citizen advocacy for the two closely interlinked issues of walkable environments and accessible public restrooms

While PHLUSH has traditionally focused its efforts on equitable public restroom access in the United States, we are thrilled to partner with a globally-focused organization, as we recognize that this is a worldwide need.

Pedestrian Space deeply values the opportunity to partner with PHLUSH, an organization wholly devoted to public restroom availability, as issues of toilet equity are universal and often sorely neglected both as a public amenity as well as in public discourse and awareness. 

We look forward to joining forces to coauthor content on public restrooms as an issue of public health and walkability; urban planning, governance and design; access to communities and overall livability. 

See the announcement by PHLUSH here:

Stay tuned for opportunities to follow along and contribute. 

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